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The big word in sales nowadays is connection. I love it. In my youth, I went through a lot of sales training and sales seminars – they were not about connection. They were about manipulation.

If you want to break a connection with someone – make them feel manipulated.

Ignoring isn’t good either. Ironically, people connecting on cell phones are often ignoring the people they’re with. How messed up is that?

There has been a lot of emphasis on the connection in the golf swing. Jimmy Ballard was probably the first teacher to emphasize connection. Ballard also emphasized, “firing the right side” – which I love. The old Jack Nicklaus idea of pulling the club down with the left side doesn’t work for most people. If you’re swinging right-handed, you’re probably better off firing the right side, rather than pulling down with the left.

Here’s the test – would you deliver a more powerful blow by back-handing someone with your left hand, or punching them with your right hand?

Most people’s golf swings becomes disconnected because they don’t fire the right side – they hang back and slap at the ball.

So, this is our year for connection. Let’s connect with the people in our life … and keep our swing connected by firing the right side.

-Tom Abts

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