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Have you seen the new tv show “Humans”? It deals with human-like robots and the issues that would come with such a future. That’s not a new theme – the movie “2001” and sci-fi writing have wrestled with the dangers of super-intelligent robots.

I’d like to have a robot – to help me with chores, but not to run my life. And, I don’t want to be like a robot. So, why do people try to swing a golf club like a robot?

What matters in the golf swing is impact … and there are many ways to get to a correct impact. A robot golf swing might have a correct way to get to impact – but it’s not the only way. For many people, the way a robot swings will not get them to a correct impact. Think about that. Too many people think that a “proper” set-up and backswing will automatically get them to a correct impact position.

There are fundamentals to the golf swing … and the main fundamental is correct impact. The next fundamental is the position that can get you consistently to the correct impact position – that position is the halfway point of the downswing. Those are by far the most important parts of the golf swing.

Jim Furyk loops the club to get into the correct downswing position so he can get to correct impact. Would a robot make that move? Would Furyk be a better player if he tried to swing like a robot? I bet he couldn’t get the club into the correct position on the downswing. If so, he couldn’t consistently get to correct impact.

We have too many “models” that miss the point. Some business models emphasize “proper” margins in all departments at the demise of the success of the overall operation.

This “robotization” of America disturbs me. I’m glad these shows are bringing up these issues (even the new show “Mr. Robot”). Isn’t America about individuality – “The land of the free and the home of the brave”?

Take ownership of your golf swing. Work on impact with your chipping … then develop a swing that can consistently get you back to correct impact. Unless you’d rather have all of the joy a robot gets from golf.

-Tom Abts

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